When to wear a girdle

When To Wear A Girdle

You must ask yourself when to wear a girdle?, The girdle can be used on any occasion and at any time, it helps you improve your posture, after surgeries it is beneficial to mold your body giving support to the skin, if it is advisable not to sleep with it as it can suffocate you.

The girdle has different benefits and with this there are different types, specially designed for you at different times in your life and here we present them to you.

Use fron day to day

The daily use of the girdle can help you shape your figure and with a good diet it can help you shape your body quickly and efficiently. According to specialists in cosmetology and skin from the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), the use of girdles is helpful when losing weight naturally: it helps the skin to mold to your new figure, not to mention that it makes you look good. slim all the time. View all shapewear.

Postpartum girdles

This garment should not be used immediately after delivery. After a vaginal delivery, it can be used a few days before reaching the quarantine , since after it and, physiologically, the muscles and organs of the abdomen tend to a position that, although it will not be exactly the same as the previous one. gestation, it is more anatomical.

They are generally used when the pregnancy is already advanced, it is recommended that you wear a garment that gives you warmth. In some cases, not using the girdle can cause the formation of a seroma, which is the accumulation of fluid in the area where the cesarean section was performed. The time of use of the girdle can vary from one woman to another and according to the doctor’s recommendation.

  • Reduces postpartum pain
  • Helps prevent pain in the spine
  • Helps the uterus return to its place
  • Helps in the recovery of abdominal diastasis
  • Prevents seroma formation
  • Help emotionally

Girdle for sport

The use of the sports belt is a great help to maintain a correct posture in the performance of exercises such as squats, horizontal dumbbell row, deadlift, hip thrust, shoulder presses, among others; Raising the body temperature in the area that we want to shape, helps our body to sweat more, eliminating toxins and retained fluids.

This is a PLUS for your body:

In the scientific journal Cell Metabolism, he assures that the best time to exercise is in the morning, because this will benefit the metabolism, in addition to mentioning that physical activity secretes the hormones of happiness, so that people would start the day With the right foot.

Girdle during the menstrual period

You feel uncomfortable just thinking that you are in your days but you want to look incredible and confident, but you keep wondering when can I wear a girdle and if this time it is recommended, because if it is perfect to use it, high-waisted panty girdles are the best option when you are menstruating, since it is molded, has a low compression level so that you feel comfortable and casual, the best is practical to go to the bathroom and you can use it with any garment, feeling like you are a beautiful and confident woman.

Girdles for important events

Girdles help us reduce measurements effectively, but they also have an invisible effect. You can use them without problems since some of our girdles come without seams, you can use them at parties, meetings, special events, unforgettable dates, weddings, etc. You will look spectacular without worrying about what you wear. View all shapewear.

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